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Freedom of Speech and Religion
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Rahm Emanuel's stand against Chick-fil-A awakened a sleeping giant. Dan Cathy's stand for marriage between a man and woman formed by his family's firm religious beliefs is courageous and timely in this election year, a year in which our deep divisions are showcased. I was reminded of a little known event which occured in Williamsburg, Virginia on the eve of the American Revolution. Just after the Boston Tea Party, Bostonians were severely punished for their stand against taxation by the British. Sympathetic residents in Williamsburg protested simply by having a day of prayer, an event which the British could say little about. Many founding fathers readily participated.  My family's visit to Chick-fil-A was met with long lines, smiling people of all races and ages who made a courageous stand for their beliefs. I have never been so proud to stand in a long line. Those beliefs include a God given right to worship and speak our minds and hearts. Rahm Emanuel and his like do not believe in open debate, only politically correct appeasement and electioneering. A gentleman in the drive through began a conversation as I passed by. I didn't know him but he congratulated our presence and stated something remarkable. Like many of us, he said he had nothing but love in his heart for others and his presence was not at all about disliking gay people. No his stand and presence was simply to honor those lives given to preserve the most precious rights we possess as Americans. There is hope for this land - many have finally understood an agenda of suppression, ridicule and bullying that for some reason comes so freely from the left. Not everyone is a vicitm or a protected class of individuals because of their life style choices. We all are blessed just to be here regardless of race, class, color, religion or lifestyle choices. God bless those who took a stand. November should be interesting.  

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