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Visibility a Great Deterrent

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I've lived in Forsyth County for about 20 years. I have policed in Fulton County and now Sandy Springs for almost 40 years. There are many things that still perplex me about crime and crime prevention but one thing that always proven to be effective and that is the police car driving down the street. Yep, sounds simple but effective. You may or may not know but Sandy Springs is a young seven years old. We took over operations from Fulton County on July 1, 2006. The Fulton Police administration, knowing the city would soon incorporate, let the resources dwindle to a precious few officers and equipment, including cars. I distinctly remember a burglar who was caught in the act told the officer that he knew he had twenty minutes after the house burglar alarm kicked off because it took that long for a police cruiser to arrive. After July 1 that response time shrunk to between 1 to 5 minutes and guess what? Many burglars have gone to jail.

As a resident, I'm a big fan of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department. I see the black and white cars all of the time and I know that those looking to commit residential and business burglaries are doing the same. Having a patrol car cruise down your street is as good as gold. Some businesses have special parking for the patrol cars right up front. A smart business owner will tell you that it's "cheap insurance."

I live on a small street where there is little if any traffic to worry about. When the deputy drives down the road, I come running out to say hello. "You want coffee, tea, a ham sandwich? I'm your guy because I want your patrol car on my street."

Take it from me that your best friend is that guy or girl in that cruiser so don't be afraid of saying hello. Don't overdo it like I did though, a guy running at you with a ham sandwich can be creepy.

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